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My mother is a washing machine

Lonely, insignificant washing machine,
Washes the clothes and bedsheets clean,
Working tirelessly day by day,
Alone, tired and always in pain.

Never complains, just loves, she does,
the washing machine was fair and just,
washing every shirt and dress,
down to tiny socks and pants.

Curious I was about the machine,
I snuck out one night and took a peek,
I thought it was the washing machine,
Wrong I was, oh yes, it seems.

Sitting on a little stool,
Scrubbing, rinsing and wringing the clothes,
It was mother, messy hair and all,
Washing my mischief and the mud from the park.

My mother is my washing machine,
truly she is, she is more than that, it seems.
Faithful, loving, gracious and bright,
Mother always loves to smile.

Once when I was a little girl
I wanted fried chicken and she said, 'To KFC we go!'
We ordered a snack plate for RM5
I ate the flesh but she ate the bones.

When I was a teen, I was really rude,
I slammed the door and shouted, 'I HATE YOU, I DO!'
Little did I know, I had broken her heart,
She cried in the corner, but did not shout.

I know its not mother's day,
We should appreciate our mothers anyway.
Thank you for all these years of love,
patience, kindness and generousness.

Mommy, momma, mama or ma,
We will always be the baby in her heart,
Beautiful, golden is her heart,
I love you, mother, and that will never stop.

**This poem was inspired by 五月天's 《洗衣机》.


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A memoir of my youth

The same staircase, the same grey carpeted floor,
The same long red benches, the same pulpit,
The same faces, but unfamiliar, just a few.

The right-sided benches, a living memory,
Of my youth with my friends, in our young, naive teens.
We would gather round, on the top right side,
Exchanging breath mints, whispering quietly.

Though the same place, but such an unfamiliarly familiar place.
More than 10 years, never changed,
Still the same interpreter, still the same musicians, same preacher,
No change.

Wish I could come back and stay again,
But even though I once knew you, you are now a stranger I wish I knew.
Not ungrateful, not forgetful,
My childhood and teens was built here.

Always thankful for all that's been,
But afraid I am, it's time to leave,
Thank you for all you've done for me.
I wish you well, I wish you the best.

Thank you and good bye, I pray you find rest.

You matter.

Maybe beautiful.
Sometimes very frail.
Means something else to you.
Makes a little sense to me, sometimes.
Problems happens in life, like it or not.
Blame ourself, we do, and we tear ourselves apart.
But love, know this: you are not alone, ever.
There are those who doubt you, made you feel sad.
Sometimes, you beat yourself up, trying to meet with societal standards.
Listen, darling, you are important; listen, darling, you have made a difference.
Yes, you matter. No, its not true that you are not good enough.
Be still, silence the voices; listen, you are real, and yes, you matter, yes.
Don't be strong alone. We are here. We believe. You matter, you matter, you matter!

Love never gives up. You matter, and we believe in you.


I dream of...
Roaming free in a vast, green meadow,
Enjoying the embrace of the morning sun,
Lying in the grass, just like how they do in the movies
Full of joy, full of life.

Small dreams, big dreams.
They consume my mind
They keep my heart racing
They make me hunger for the future things to come.

To be a bridge of communication between the nations
To be the listening ear and warm embrace to those who are hurting
To be the one who gives someone a ray of hope, that they are amount to something.
To be... someone who makes an impact in another person's world.

How can I get there?
When will I get there?
What can I do to get there?
Who can help me get there?

They say don't just dream
Go, do something about it
It is so uncertain, all my insides start to turn
In my head, yet so far away.

Will I always be here?
Can I go where my heart wants to go?
Is it even possible to go this far?
Will I ever... go the distance?

This love for life
This love for adventure
This love for the unknown