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Showing posts from April 4, 2017


Through the night, I walk abreast in the midnight breeze.
Walking down the streets, feeling the wind on my skin.
I realized how long I've been working, not having any rest;
just toiling and toiling, never really went out to see the sunset.

As I went for a walk around the neighbourhood, I could smell the fragrance from the mango trees,
its pretty flowers dancing in the smiling sunrays, glorious, graceful and magnificent.
I never knew such beauty, or maybe I did;
After so long of being shut in a place of darkness, pressure and pain, its about time I stepped out to join the rain.

I could feel the rain drops fall on my skin;
such a gentle touch, a whisper from the wind.
The coolness warms my heart, I wonder when it will ever stop.
I close my eyes, embracing the sights, the sounds and the loving caress of the cool waters.

Lay down in bed at ten minutes to one, my wandering thoughts, stay, be still, stay calm;
I stare at the ceiling, imagining the stars twinkling so bright,
The heart mi…